Societal mission in Papua New Guinea

From the earliest stages of the Papua LNG project, Total engaged in a dialogue with the local communities in Papua New Guinea (PNG) using its SRM+ method.

[Jean-Marc Noiray, Managing Director – Total E&P PNG]

Jean-Marc Noiray: Total’s affiliate in PNG is still very young, as it was set up in 2015. We're going to develop the Papua LNG project.

[Map Papua New Guinea – Port Moresby – PRL 15]

Jean-Marc Noiray: Our project's main challenge is societal. Expectations are high on the matter.

[Total in Papua New Guinea: how to assess the societal impact?]

[Port Moresby, capital of Papua New Guinea]

[November 20, 2018, Total E&P PNG]

[Launch of SRM+ mission]

[Emmanuel Tarika, consultant – Altermondo]

Emmanuel Tarika: SRM+ stands for Stakeholder Relationship Management. It is being implemented in every segment of the Group.

[SRM+ is a tool that assesses Total’s relationship with its stakeholders]

[Jeremy Roeygens, Environment and Social Manager – Total E&P PNG]

Jeremy Roeygens: The SRM+ approach is essential. It is a purely societal approach that consists in conducting an internal diagnosis within the affiliate and comparing it with stakeholders' perception.

[30 stakeholder interviews in 5 days]

Jeremy Roeygens: As it's carried out by an external consultant, it lends objectivity to the approach.

[Hon. Gov. Chris Haveita, governor of Gulf Province]

Chris Haveita: It's a good initiative. It keeps you better informed. It's not practiced by the other companies that have projects in Papua New Guinea, especially in the Oil & Gas sector.

[Desmond Guru – Oil and Energy Department]

Desmond Guru: I believe Total is starting to win people's hearts within the project area.

[Adi Anaseini Vesikula – Digicel Foundation]

Adi Anaseini Vesikula: That shows they are being a responsible developer in that region. And I know there's probably more to come from Total.

[November 23, 2018, Gulf Province]

[The SRM+ mission moves into the project area meeting local communities]

[Village of Poroi 2]

Jeremy Roeygens: SRM+ also enables us to prevent potential opposition, to defuse situations that could turn antagonistic.

[Julie Vallat, Head of Societal Department – Exploration & Production, Total]

Julie Vallat: Hence the importance of getting out and visiting these local communities and identifying their needs, which we weren't aware of, to allow us to deal with them.

[November 25, 2018, Port Moresby]

[The SRM+ mission submits its preliminary report]

[Emmanuel Tarika, consultant – Altermondo]

Emmanuel Tarika: We try to see the potential impacts in order to define a strategy and action plans.

[Several actions are recommended]

[Jean-Marc Noiray, Managing Director – Total E&P PNG]

Jean-Marc Noiray: This survey will be very useful to us. It will give us leads on how to reassess the way we interact with communities. All interventions should be done with their prior understanding. That's fundamental.

[Total E&P PNG will integrate the SRM+ results in its societal strategy in 2019]

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