Plant 4.0 Incubator: Presentation of the start-up Archon

If you want to perform an inspection in oil and gas facilities today, you can hire a drone pilot. He would come with a drone and he would be able to perform an inspection for you. And this is really cost effective, but it’s not  game changing. 

At Archon we have developed a fully robotised solution where you have multiple drones that able to cooperate, to peform video surveillance, inspections on demand or periodically, controlled by a control room which is able to be operated by the customer, not by the pilot.

They go up, they take pictures, they go down, they recharge autonomously . 

So using multiple drones to perform the service , it’s really providing unbeatable performance. It’s zero risk for the humans and it provides great cost savings. So, we really hope we can work with you to install an end to end solution in one of your sites.

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