OLEUM: life-size training centers for industries

OLEUM is the European training center for Oil & Petrochemicals industries of Total Group. OLEUM is the first European training center to offer tailor-made training courses in an industry-scale processing plant.

What makes OLEUM unique is that it combines teaching expertise with life-size technical platforms.

Stéphane REMY
Technical and Industrial Director, OLEUM

OLEUM provides a range of technical training courses in production, maintenance, inspection, safety, analysis and lab work. It offers simulator-based training solutions via distance learning and cloud computing, all in a SEVESO environment. This is because the two OLEUM centers are located in Total SEVESO sites – the Dunkirk complex with its oil depot and the La Mède complex with its biorefinery. We therefore offer participants a life-size SEVESO environment, which enables us to teach professional skills at the same time as appropriate behavior and safety culture.

OLEUM, a service by

Dunkirk complex

La Mède complex

SEVESO sites pose the risk of major accidents and must maintain a high level of prevention

Instructor, CRISALIS

Here we have time to apply classroom theory to the real world, in the field, rather than just using diagrams and photos. For me, it's a unique opportunity. This is the only place in France where you can perform this kind of demonstration.

Course participant

Here we can see what the inside of an oil tank really looks like. They're usually closed, so we can't see inside. We had never seen the floating roof before. It's hard to imagine what they're like from drawings, but here we can see clearly how they are made with our own eyes.

Instructor, OLEUM

I used to work in the plant as an operator so, naturally, some of my colleagues and I still make good use of our operator mindset. This also helps us assess participants' know-how and see how they behave in sometimes critical situations. We do more than simply teach them techniques, like how to turn equipment on and off.

Course participant

I'm very happy with the instructors because they put us into situations that we will really be working in at our facilities. This is a terrific learning tool that has all of the equipment, and all of the related risks, that we will be dealing with on the job.

The OLEUM training center caters to all of Total's business segments, offering courses that are adapted to our challenges and our professions. It is also open to partners and external customers in France and abroad.

1,800 people trained each year
10,000 days of training held at the OLEUM center

1,800 people have taken an OLEUM course over the year, and 10,000 days of training have been held in our training center, so it's a great success. 

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