OGCI : an initiative to tackle Climate change together

Joining forces, sharing technologies, investing together: these are the OGCI's objectives and strength to tackle climate change. The initiative in review with Patrick Pouyanné, CEO of Total.

OGCI is an interesting initiative, led by CEOs themselves. It’s a way to tackle climate change together. It’s a real challenge for our industry to join forces.

The fundamental idea is that we’re not competitors. We should pool our strengths, share technologies and spending.

For example, we created a fund to invest in innovation, technology and start-ups. Together, we can spend $1 billion. Alone, we would have spent $100 million, which isn’t the same magnitude.

The fact that we share data gave us momentum and I’m seeing a lot of progress being made by each company in terms of its own ambition.

New York will also be a very important step for us because U.S. companies will be joining us. That proves that it’s a worldwide challenge — it’s not Europe versus the U.S. We’re in it together. As oil and gas companies, we have to be responsible and provide society with clear answers.

This is part of the responsibility that Total wants to take on, but it’s even better that the whole sector is playing a part too.

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