Investor day: Total fulfils its objectives

The Group delivers strong messages at the Investor Day 2018 : a consistent delivering on production growth and on cash, a reshuffled portfolio to make it resilient and a strong ambition in low carbon electricity.

1 – Total consistently delivers

Arnaud Breuillac, President Exploration & Production - Total

Quarter after quarter, 
Total is delivering, 
on production growth, on cash, 
partly due to the fact that our projects 
are starting on time and are reaching plateau relatively quickly.

Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman & CEO - Total

It’s a matter of convincing the investors 
that yes, Total is a company they can trust 
and in which they can invest. 
This will be one of the key messages. 

Investors need to be rewarded 
by consistently delivering and I think this is our strength.

For the next three years, until 2020, 
we will offer them a production growth of 6 to 7% per year
that will be translated into cash flows 
so this is a unique opportunity for them 
to join Total as stakeholders, shareholders.

2 - Reshuffling our portfolio to make it resilient.

Patrick Pouyanné 

Fundamentally the oil markets are volatile. 

As a consequence, 
because we are not price makers, we are price takers, 
we must build a portfolio that is resilient to this volatility.

Arnaud Breuillac

We have done a lot of reshuffling 
of the portfolio in the last 2, 3 years, 
taking advantage of the environment to buy assets 
that were much more relutive in terms of oil price dynamics. 
In fact, we have renewed about 25% of our portfolio.

Patrick Pouyanné 

What defines all the acquisitions we have made
is a low breakeven, a low cost per barrel. 
It’s a competitive advantage that we want to create.

3 – Building a future for the company in the electricity business

Patrick Pouyanné 

We want to seize the climate change challenge
as an opportunity to give a future to our company. 

You have growing markets, and the electricity market will grow 
- by any scenarios - by at least 2% per year, if not 2,5%, 
so it’s a huge growth.

The world economy is being electrified, 
through digital, batteries. 
We are taking the steps now, 
and clearly telling investors: this is the strategy.

We want to produce low carbon electricity
which means electricity either from natural gas or from renewables
such as solar, wind, hydro. 
We are open to producing electricity from low carbon 
and then trading it, aggregating, supplying 
and then selling it, marketing it. 

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