Interview of the Nigerian State minister for Petroleum Resources

The Minister Emmanuel Ibe Kachikwu says how important the Egina project is for Nigeria.

Q. How important is the Egina project ?

01’56’’ Extremely important, both for Total and For Nigeria.
For Nigeria it’s definitely one of the big fields, 200.000 barrels on average into the system, it will get us to the sort of numbers we had always projected of 2.2 million barrels which we had been fairly shy of.

2’18’’ Q. How significant was the local content part of the project ?

03’08’’ That’s probably for me the most important. Even much more than the financial returns. It has opened up an engineering field that will help the country. It has set up a benchmark. And hopefully anybody who wants to foray into this area will have to match, or like NCDMB would say, better.
I think NCDMB (Nigeria Content Development and Monitoring Board) has a policy of incremental development and incremental performances so I would expect that having achieved this much in terms of local content for this field, future ones will hopefully do much, much better.
But Kudos to Total quite frankly for being the first to decide to be bullish about this and help work with NCDMB to try and achieve this, so that’s very important.

03’51’’ Q. Was it a complex project to achieve ?

03’55’’ I haven’t followed the trajectory of how they conducted the process. I’m happy about what I see at the end result. I’m sure they faced a lot of ups and downs like any typical big project, but Total is a world class company, and that’s why it’s important to hand over this sort of projects to world class companies. I think they’ve shown, by what they’ve done in Nigeria, and the sort of footprint that I see them bring to the rest of Africa, that quite frankly, they are ready to stay, they are ready to grow, they are ready to take the lead, this is very impressive. I’m happy.

04’25’’ Q. Will we see you on board after first oil ?

05’18’’ I’ll discuss the logistics of that. Most times, when the oil starts flowing you don’t see me anymore. You tend to see me when we are pushing for the oil to flow. But we’ll see how it goes. I’m very impressed, congratulations to Total, not just Total management in Nigeria which have done an outstandingly fantastic job, and worldwide, for picking this, delivering on it.
05’04’’ Hopefully they’ll give me a little bit of a canned snapshot of that first oil for my office.
05’54’’ I’m hoping that Egina is the birth, the beginning of the birth of very many more FPSOs from Total 
I’m usually a taskmaster: once you deliver I move on to the next, so next time I see them it will be to say “When is the next Egina ?”

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