Innovative Polymers for Everyday Use

Very few people know that Total is behind the production of everyday items like bottles, plastic films and caps.

A Polymer That's Revolutionizing the Plastics Industry

Little plastic caps, ordinary packaging film, you probably handle these products every day.

What you may not know is that they're actually high-tech products.

Here, at this research and development center in Belgium, is where Total developed the resin that's used to make them. 

To achieve this goal, petrochemical researcher Aurélien Vantomme worked on a molecule with amazing properties.

Sonore Aurélien VANTOMME :

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"That's what's so impressive, to see a small molecule just a dozen angstroms in size produce a cap, a film or a car bumper—that's the real magic of chemistry. New products are the result of our expertise in metallocene catalysis—of which this molecule is an example—and our expertise in process engineering. We combined the two to make a product that no one else in the market today is capable of making."

To create and develop the new resin, Aurélien Vantomme and David Ribour pooled their know-how.

They developed a product that's fully aligned with the needs of the cap market.

Europe's largest manufacturer of caps quickly realized the advantage of having a partner like Total.

Sonore David RIBOUR :

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"The main trend today is to make caps that are lighter.Not only does that lower costs, it's better for the environment. Also, you don't need as much raw material to make them.


Today caps are lighter, but that's not all.

Sonore David RIBOUR :

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"Our resins offer excellent sensory properties. In other words, they don't contaminate the product or liquid with an unpleasant taste or odor. That too is very important."

The high-tech resin also reduces injection pressure and temperature.

The result is less wear and tear on molds, a faster production rate and a smaller environmental footprint.

Sonore David RIBOUR :

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"Customers, converters and contractors see us as a trusted, high-value-added partner whom they can rely on to provide high-tech resins for their caps and closures applications. "

This polyethylene innovation has also been adopted by the packaging film industry.

Total engineers have developed Supertough.

A film that's 25% thinner than competing products, but just as strong.

Leen de Groof, marketing manager of flexible packaging, Europe, likes to demonstrate just how tough it is.

Sonore Leen DE GROOF :

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"Supertough is extremely puncture-resistant. It allows you to make packaging film that's thinner yet more durable. Supertough is a high-performance polyethylene that allows customers to cut down on the use of raw materials and therefore significantly reduce their environmental impact."

This revolutionary film is suited for a broad range of applications.

Wood chip bags, pet food packaging, candy wrappers—you name it, everyone has a use for it.



Sonore Leen DE GROOF :

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"Customers who use a lot of recycled material need to mix it with a product that will enhance its performance, and that product is Supertough."


Once the lab tests are completed, Total monitors product quality on a larger scale at a special pilot unit before moving on to the next stage.

Sonore Aurélien VANTOMME :

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"Since we're getting nearer to the industrial stage, the pilot unit will test the product and catalyst in close to real-life conditions. The pilot facility allows us to prevent certain problems from happening at the manufacturer's.

Today, the challenge has been met, since these products are already marketed by Total.

Day after day, Total teams devote themselves to developing the innovative polymers of tomorrow.

This technological and human challenge has one primary purpose: to serve and satisfy customers in every way possible.



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