The highlights of the World Gas Conference 2018

The gas market current issues, the signature of a new agreement between Total and Pavilion to develop liquefied natural gas (LNG) as a marine fuel… See the highlights of the World Gas Conference 2018.

Laurent Vivier, Senior Vice President, Gas

The mood is totally different
from the WGC in Paris three years ago.

Back then the market talked about excess supply,
and the lesson of the past two years
is that in fact the demand for LNG
has been extremely responsive to prices.

We saw that in Europe,
where gas demand has increased,
but also in new countries,
which are importing LNG,
such as Bangladesh, Pakistan, Egypt…

Patrick Pouyanné, Chairman and CEO, Total

So we must not only produce gas,
but also work hard to develop the gas demand.

Because natural gas is more costly,
not to produce, but to transport,
with all the logistics.
We need to work hard
to create the demand

Laurent Vivier

Natural gas has got a big advantage
in terms of the environment,
lower emissions compared to coal,
its main competitor in the energy mix,
Gas has more and more uses,
in transportation,
on the sea, or onshore

Olivier Jouny
Managing Director, Total Marine Fuels Global Solutions

We have completed a deal with Pavilion
aimed at further developing LNG
as a marine fuel in Singapore.

Total brings its expertise in LNG,
and also in the bunkering business.

We do see LNG as an available
and competitive solution for ship owners

Laurent Vivier

We need to continue our efforts,
in mature countries
in Europe, the US, some countries in Asia,
and also in emerging economies.

We still have to make our case:
gas is a relevant solution in the energy mix.

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