FSRU: a fast-track LNG import solution

Floating Storage and Regasification Unit offers countries new opportunities to import LNG. FSRU can be moored to a docking facility or out at sea. It is less expensive and can be deployed faster than an onshore solution.

What is a Floating Storage & Regasification Unit?

FSRU How does it work?

The FSRU is permanently moored near shore.

An LNG carrier arrives with its cargo.

The LNG is transferred from the ship to the FSRU.

The FSRU stores and regasifies the LNG to deliver high-pressure natural gas to shore.

It can also load small quantities of LNG onto trucks, barges or trains for regional needs.

Compared to an onshore solution:

Half the time to build

Reduced development costs

Lower environmental impact

Capacity tailored to customer requirements 

Flexibility to relocate the FSRU

In short, an FSRU is a fast-track LNG import solution that offers complete flexibility to meet customer needs for the long term.

Total, a partner of choice from FSRU to customers


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