Egina project - the most african FPSO

The Egina project is arguably the most African FPSO. This project Egina involves a high number of Nigerians: this yard alone counts around 1,700 workers. It is Total’s biggest local content project ever achieved for the country.

00’10’’: Saviour UFOT
FPSO Package HSE Manager

Egina is the project that involved the largest number of Nigerians.
In this yard alone we have around 1,700 workers and if you look at that into families, you can say for sure that we have over 1,700 families whose lives this project has impacted upon.
So the impact on the local content is quite impressive, it is quite immense and I believe that subsequent project will look at Egina project as setting the standards to follow.

0’43’’: Nicolas TERRAZ
Managing Director, Total E&P Nigeria

In Nigeria, Total has really been a pioneer in terms of local content with the projects previously carried out. It was the case on AKPO and on Usan.
Egina is a real change in scale for local content so it’s something we are very proud of.

1’02’’: Ahmadu-Kida MUSA

Deputy Managing director for Deep Water, Total E&P Nigeria
Egina represents the biggest local content project ever achieved for the country. There is around 77% of local content and when I see the Egina FPSO behind me, it speaks for itself beyond the figures.

1’26’’:Obinna Okonkwo
Hook up Leader

I feel very great looking at what we achieved, it says a lot, it’s a very big plus for Nigeria since we are having this, you know, for the first time.

1’43’’:Chiwendu EMEMANKA
Egina FPSO Manager

This project is unique. We had to bring the FPSO to the shore of Nigeria.
It had never happened before and we had to do 6 modules of the top sides.

1’56’’:Ogochukwu OGUCHIENTI
Integrated Control Safety System Engineer

I actually started on this project in 2012. Tthis is based on the Total human capacity development initiative.
So I started with a contractor, Honeywell, as an ICSS.  Iit was a scheduled program for about 18 months to 2 years and at the end of the program I was successfully then recruited by Total on the project.
It is the first time that I have worked for a project of this magnitude.
I have learnt a lot, I would say that I have grown as a person of course and as a professional.

2’35’’:Jean-Michel Guy
Egina Project Director

What makes us proud is to have been able to execute in Nigeria a work of this magnitude and of such quality and today we are seen as having set a standard in terms of local content.

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