Egina, the Nigerian adventure of an ultra deep offshore project!

With more than 70% of hours worked in Nigeria, Egina - the largest FPSO ever built by Total – is first of all an Nigerian adventure! Relive the sail away of this ultra deep offshore project in Nigeria.

A Nigerian Adventure

Nicolas Terraz - Managing Director, Total E&P Nigeria
The FPSO behind us is going to leave this construction site in Lagos. It’s a step that concludes a construction phase in Nigeria which is a real first.

Saviour Ufot
If the weather is not favorable we can not take the risk.

Jean-Michel Guy - Egina Project Director
What makes us proud is to have being able to execute in Nigeria a work of this magnitude but also of great quality. 
It’s a human adventure a project like this; the stakes are huge, there are multiple technological challenges.

Length: 330m / Width: 61m

Nicolas Terraz
I think today the Egina’s Sail Away is the result of a real team effort, of an extremely determined group.

OVER 70% of hours worked in Nigeria

Jean-Michel Guy
The next step is the arrival of the FPSO on the Egina site, making all the connections between what we preinstalled off-shore and the completion of the final goal which is to produce the Egina oil in a few months.

2.3 MILLION barrels capacity storage
Depth of the Egina field 1,500m
200,000 barrels per day

Saviour Ufot - FPSO Package HSE Manager
The Egina Project has contributed so much in the development of the local content manpower and I believe that subsequent project will look at Egina as setting the standard to follow.

10% of Nigeria’s oil production

Obinna Okonkwo - Hook up Leader
I am very excited going offshore with the FPSO. I’ll take away a lot from here in terms of experience and in terms of opportunities. I am very very fortunate to be part of it.

Saviour Ufot
Everything that has a beginning must have an end! It’s been for me an adventure, an adventure with a lot of memories. It is very very special, it’s a masterpiece.

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