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Energy is essential to human life. 
It also drives progress. 
At Total, energy is our business.
We are a leading international oil and gas company
And a major player in low-carbon energies.
We explore for, produce, transform, market and distribute energy in a variety of forms, to serve the end customer.
And we operate in more than 130 countries. 
How are we providing concrete responses to the challenges of the next 20 years?
How can we meet the energy needs of a growing population?
How can we tackle climate change?
And how can we adapt to new consumer habits and customer expectations? 
By supplying an energy mix combining natural gas, oil and renewables.
And by improving the energy efficiency of our facilities and products to limit their impact on global warming. 
And also by leveraging our closeness to customers, by anticipating their needs and helping them use energy more responsibly.
In short, our 98,000 employees are committed to supplying affordable, reliable, clean energy to as many people as possible.
Our ambition. 
Is to become the responsible energy major. 

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