Total is proactively engaged in improving access to the working world, particularly by adhering to equal opportunity charters and implementing partnerships with the public sector and not-for-profit associations.

Since 2004, we have signed major agreements reflecting our strong commitment to diversity, equal opportunity and hiring people with disabilities and visible minorities. We put our commitments into practice through internal action plans involving our Human Resources Department.

Our Commitments to Equal Opportunity

We adhere to the principles of non-discrimination and equal opportunity in the recruitment process and throughout our employees’ careers. These principles translate into ensuring workplace gender equality, hiring people with disabilities and supporting young people from disadvantaged backgrounds. To guarantee the diversity of our teams, we have made a firm commitment to:

  • combat all forms of discrimination;
  • implement a pro-diversity human resources policy.

We are signatories to:

  • The Diversity Charter (2004);
  • The Business Charter for Equal Opportunity in Education (2006);
  • The French government plan to help disadvantaged youth enter the job market (2008);
  • The Parental Rights Charter;
  • The Harki Jobs Plan Agreement (2008);
  • The Employment Charter for People with Disabilities (2009).

Looking Ahead and Consolidating Our Commitments

We regularly strengthen these agreements and continue working with employee stakeholders to promote our equal opportunity policy:

  • The Europe-Wide Equal Opportunity Agreement, signed in 2005, was expanded in 2010 to include a new agreement on workplace gender equality at Total S.A.
  • A framework agreement supports employment of the disabled. We have signed seven successive agreements with trade unions at Total over more than 20 years to foster hiring and training for disabled workers, most recently in 2010.