Mission Handicap

Total implements numerous initiatives to recruit and retain disabled workers, including partnerships, schedule and workstation accommodations, and participation in awareness-raising events.

Under the aegis of our Diversity & Inclusion Department, Mission Handicap — our team of disability advocates — devises, organizes and spearheads Total’s policy on hiring and training people with disabilities. It works with a network of delegates at the various units concerned. The delegates work with occupational health physicians, consultants and social workers, Total managers, human resources teams and employee representatives to ensure onsite implementation of agreements.

Equal Treatment for Workers with disabilities

In 2006, we signed a framework agreement with all the trade unions at Total to support employment for the disabled. The agreement, which was renewed in 2009, sets out our policy for workforce entry for people with disabilities in France.

We implement a number of initiatives to encourage the recruitment of disabled workers:

  • Partnerships with associations such as Hanploi working to promote workforce entry, development and training for people with disabilities.
  • Participation in recruitment forums specifically for the disabled, such as job dating and handicafés.
  • Developing work-study contracts and/or internships.
  • Measures to keep the disabled and work-disabled in their jobs through schedule accommodations and other means.

Mission Handicap has developed partnerships with specific schools and universities in France to foster educational opportunities for disabled students.

We offer training to people with disabilities. Total has enrolled more than 200 disabled individuals annually at our training centers since 2003 in office technology, job search technique and English classes.

Fostering Recruitment of Disabled People

We regularly hold events to communicate our policy concerning the hiring and training of workers with disabilities:

  • Production and distribution of a communication brochure.
  • Educational events in Total units during France’s National Disability Week.
  • Through Mission Handicap, participation in job fairs for the disabled and discussions and meetings.
  • Participation in France’s annual "Dys" Days to help raise awareness among the public about cognitive disorders that can be disabilities, such as dyslexia, dyspraxia and dysphasia.

Key Dates

  • 2006: Framework Agreement to support the employment of people with disabilities, renewed in 2009.
  • 2016 - 2018: Total has signed 3 new agreements with social partners and approved by the French Administration, to support employment for people with disabilities.