Total is committed to increasing the percentage of women in our workforce. Our initiatives are designed to enable women reach senior executive positions.

Women are present in almost all of our businesses, but usually not in sufficient numbers, particularly in the most senior positions. We aim to correct this imbalance by focusing on skills and setting targets to promote gender equality.

Promoting Gender Equality

We implement various methods and initiatives to foster gender equality, including:

  • Hiring women in proportion to their numbers in the graduating classes of partner schools and universities;
  • Involving all stakeholders in our efforts, particularly HR teams and managers;
  • Promoting the same percentage of women and men with equivalent qualifications and experience from the overall;
  • Offering training to help women to more effectively manage their careers. Our target is 25% women senior executives by 2020.
Our goal is to achieve gender equality faster by helping interested women, working with men who believe in what we're doing, to reach their full potential and contribute to Total.

Odile de Damas-Nottin, Senior Vice President, Audit & Internal control and Chair of the TWICE network

Initiatives Targeted at Young Women Students

The main obstacle to gender parity in hiring is the relatively small percentage of women enrolled in technical programs, especially in engineering schools. Consequently, our efforts to increase the proportion of female hires must focus on priming the pipeline and target girls and young women to:

  • stimulate their interest in these areas, encourage them to pursue technical degrees and;
  • introduce them to the wealth and diversity of professional fields and careers in the oil industry.

In 2011, Total signed a partnership agreement in France with the association Elles bougent. The partnership aims to generate interest in pursuing careers in engineering and technical fields among high school girls and women university students.

Framework Agreements on Professional Gender Equality

  • 2010: signature of the CEO Statement of Support for the Women's Empowerment Principles, a U.N. Global Compact-led initiative.
  • January 22, 2015: Total signed an agreement with IndustriALL Global Union in Davos, Switzerland. Under the agreement, Total promises to guarantee workplace gender equality worldwide and to ensure that maternity leave will not have a negative impact on employee compensation or career development.
  • January 2016: Total and some 20 other companies endorsed "Closing the Gender Gap in Oil & Gas: A Call to Action for the Industry" in Davos.

TWICE, the Network for Total Women

Founded in 2006 and present in 15 countries, the Total Women’s Initiative for Communication and Exchange (TWICE) seeks to:

  • Facilitate the development of women’s careers;
  • Raise awareness and provide gender equality education for men and women;
  • Create working groups to make women’s voices heard on Total’s business issues.


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