Making Total’s Management More International


Total‘s broad cultural diversity must be reflected at every level of the company and in all of our businesses. We are committed to promoting non-French nationals in our workforce, including at the most senior levels.

Diversity is a core component of our human resources policies.

It conveys and provides the underlying rationale for creating talent pools in our subsidiaries for local management positions and international careers.

Measures to Increase the Number of Non-French Senior Executives

In 2011, 76% of the managers we hired were non-French nationals of almost 80 nationalities, but the proportion of non-French executives and senior managers is still too low. Their percentage in senior management positions has leveled off at around 24%, whereas our target is 30% by 2015. We plan on continuing our efforts to reach this target with specific measures to:

  • Standardize our HR practices concerning recruitment, annual performance reviews, jobs levels and criteria for identifying high potential.
  • Increase the number of expatriate positions open to non-French nationals, to facilitate their access to senior positions.
  • Decentralize training courses and open up more French seminars to non-French employees.

Initiatives to "Localize" Jobs

We also believe it is important for the long-tem viability of our operations to implement a "localization" strategy to promote host country nationals to positions of responsibility in their home subsidiaries, which is also aligned with host government aspirations. In response, we have stepped up training and mentoring programs in certain affiliates, for instance in Indonesia and South Africa.

In Indonesia, our priority is increasing the number of women and Indonesian nationals in our management. We have raised the percentage of female hires, and for positions of responsibility, it is even higher than that of women graduates in Indonesian universities.

Élisabeth Proust, President and General Manager of Total E&P Indonésie

Non-French Nationals, (2005 – 2011)

High Potentials37%38%41%39%
Senior Executives20%20%23%24%