Total ensures that all employees receive fair compensation, benefits and savings plan packages tailored to the local marketplace.

Fair, Competitive Compensation

Like the rest of our human resources policies, our approach to compensation aims both:

  • to keep us competitive in a specific market;
  • and ensure fairness internally.

These principles are tailored to cultural factors, local legislation and the job market. In addition to salary, employee compensation packages include bonuses based on:

  • personal performance;
  • company-wide financial performance;

and other forms of compensation such as free shares and savings plans.

Generous Benefits for Everyone

At Total, equal opportunity also means generous benefits for everyone in the Group. All of our employees have health and life insurance, regardless of the country in which they work, based on a common core of principles and procedures. In 2013, 86% of our employees were entitled to generous death benefits.

Employee Savings Plans and Pension Solutions Adapted to the Local Environment

Our current employee savings plans and pension solutions take into account a number of criteria, including:

  • specific cultural factors;
  • the social security system;
  • and local regulations and practices.

Total strives to be pragmatic in selecting and implementing these benefits. Our involvement varies from providing information, for example, to covering administrative costs or matching employee contributions.

We also carry out capital increases. A new operation was completed in April 2013: nearly 28,000 subscribers working in 96 countries subscribed for a total amount of €242 million. Total employees own 4.72% of the capital.

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    We rely on specialized NGOs to help us implement our shared development initiatives.

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