Worldwide Presence


Total is becoming increasingly global, which contributes significantly to our success. To boost our presence across the world, we encourage mobility opportunities for our employees.

In 2013, Total had 4,509 expatriates throughout the world, including 2,933 French nationals and 1,576 nationals from other countries.

Opportunities for Expatriation Worldwide

Total offers employees numerous opportunities for mobility worldwide, most often in Africa and Europe.

We provide intercultural and language training to facilitate integration abroad. We organize onboarding and management seminars for groups of 10 to 25 different nationalities to promote diversity, increase the number of non-French managers and give people a chance to share their knowledge and experience.

Expatriate workforce at December 31, 2013, by region and origin:
North America11143154
South America13057187
Rest of Europe609228837
French Overseas Departments and Territories17219
Middle East307173480
Source: Total 2013

Total Gestion Internationale, Specialists Serving Expatriates

Total Gestion Internationale (TGI) specializes in managing expatriates from all over the world and providing expertise in international tax and labor law. It facilitates and promotes international mobility within Total.
In addition to salary, expatriate employees benefit from:

  • Housing provided by the host unit;
  • Health care;
  • A mobility allowance;
  • An allowance to keep their housing in their home country;
  • Coverage of schooling costs for their children.

A complete package, even though expatriation conditions may vary from one business segment to another.

I joined Total because I wanted to have an international career. The typical package offered for initial expatriation to Abu Dhabi reinforced this. Compared with other companies, the benefits are extremely good, particularly for children’s schooling costs.

Emmanuel Thomazo, engineer