Ongoing training, accessible Human Resources personnel, job opportunities — all of our employees can leverage a range of tools and in-house contacts to build their own career paths at Total. Our one-on-one career management enables each employee to develop a personalized career plan based on their skills and our needs.

Each HR team includes personnel assigned to employee support. They use a variety of tools to help employees contact recruiters at each Total affiliate. Their goal is to help employees realize their full potential by promoting skills development and transfers between business segments.

Employees Are the Chief Architects of Their Own Careers

Our aim is to help each employee maintain the highest possible level of expertise by facilitating career development and mobility. To do so, we rely on our Human Resources personnel, who track and advise employees throughout their careers. Annual performance reviews offer employees an opportunity to take stock of their career and the skills they have acquired, as well as to assess their career development and training objectives in light of actual opportunities available at Total.

Internal Mobility for Career Advancement

Total encourages internal mobility, particularly for management positions, up to the highest levels. Since 2008, our entire workforce has had access to all job opportunities available in each of our affiliates. Using the JOB Posting intranet, employees can immediately submit an application for open positions anywhere in the world, with the assurance that they will receive priority consideration.

Training, a Total Priority

Training plans are defined on the basis of individual employee needs. They may focus on:

  • Strengthening employees’ skills so they can advance professionally.
  • Helping employees acquire additional skills in order to take on new responsibilities or prepare for a new career direction.

In 2011, 81.6% of our workforce took part in training programs, for total spending of €373 million. Employees received an average of 5.8 days of training, representing 2.51% of hours worked worldwide. In areas of strong growth — Africa, Asia and the Middle East — individual training accounts for up to 13 days per year.

In addition, 54,957 learners have access to online training (e-learning).

Université Total, Our Corporate University

Université Total was set up in 2005 to help us sharpen our competitive edge. Distinguished international experts from all backgrounds share their knowledge and experience with recently hired young managers, managers and senior executives.
Three types of program are offered worldwide:

  • Onboarding seminars.
  • Leadership development programs.
  • Conferences that offer a platform for dialogue and engagement with outside perspectives on topics of key importance for us.

Every year, 3,000 employees take part in training and seminars offered by Université Total.