The year at Total is punctuated by many events, from support for exhibitions to career exploration days to financial announcements and roadshows.

Financial Announcements & Roadshows

  • Master Investor Show in London

  • Shareholders meeting in Bordeaux (France)

  • VFB investor fair in Antwerp (Belgium)

  • Réunion en ligne interactive

  • First Quarter 2018 Results

  • Annual Shareholders Meeting

  • Shareholders meeting in Rouen (France)

  • Shareholders meeting in Nice (France)

  • Second Quarter 2018 Results

  • InvestorDagen in Copenhagen (Denmark)

  • Strategy & Outlook Presentation 2018

  • Shareholders meeting in Dijon (France)

  • Participation to the "Rencontres Patrimoniales du Particulier" in Paris (France)

  • Third Quarter 2018 Results

  • Actionaria investor fair in Paris (France)

  • Actionaria investor fair in Paris (France)

  • Shareholders meeting in Paris (Actionaria investor fair, in the "Salle Bleue")