Corporate Social Responsibility

Total wants to be a partner of civil society as it strives to achieve sustainable development. We have three action plans for helping to meet that challenge.

Meeting Energy Needs While Responding to Climate Change and Natural Resource Challenges

  • Continue to produce oil and gas, ever more efficiently, while developing technologies and competencies, getting more out of fields, and at the same time minimizing energy and water use. 
  • Help to achieve needed greenhouse gas reductions by setting ambitious internal targets. Ours is to trim greenhouse gases at our operated sites by 15% in 2015 from 2008 levels. 
  • Offer our customers innovative solutions that outperform the market standard in environmental terms, via the Total Ecosolutions program. 
  • Create a plan to provide affordable, sustainable energies to low-income communities. 

Managing and Reducing the Impact of our Operations on People and the Environment

In accordance with our Health, Safety, Environment and Quality Charter, we consider operational safety, public health and the environment a responsibility top priorities. We put that into practice by, for example, systematically assessing in advance the environmental and health risks and impacts of all new projects and by setting improvement targets and implementing action plans to achieve them. Special attention is paid to protecting biodiversity.

Helping to Spur Local Social and Economic Development

  • Require professionalism in the deployment of our capital expenditure and transparency regarding our financial contributions to host region development, in compliance with local legislation. 
  • Create direct and indirect local jobs through an appropriate contracting policy, while offering continuing education and training. 
  • Support the implementation of the socioeconomic programs expected by communities in host countries.