Our integrated approach: A competitive advantage

Operator from the top of a storage tank at the LNG terminal in northwestern India. Opérateur au terminal de regazéification de gaz naturel liquéfié sur la côte nord-ouest de l'Inde.

At Total, our expertise covers the entire oil and gas value chain. We leverage this knowledge as an industry leader in trading and shipping these energy resources. In addition, our extensive network of partners enables us to respond quickly to market fluctuations.

We are an integrated energy company

Total is active across the entire oil and gas value chain, from exploration, production and refining to shipping, marketing and services. Using advanced analysis and decision-making tools, we put our detailed knowledge of oil markets and our integrated expertise to work in our trading activities. This gives us a 360° perspective and 24/7 access to industry information in real time. As a result, we can respond quickly to market fluctuations to better maximize the value of our assets and those of our customers.

We have forged relationships of trust with our energy market customers and partners. By working through our global network, we keep production flowing for the Group and our partner producers while securing supply flows to our refineries and our distribution system.

Total, 4th
Largest Global Oil and Gas Company (as of December 31, 2015)
million barrels of oil equivalent produced daily
million metric tons of LNG sold by the Group in 2015

Providing the oil and gas markets with a single window

Our Trading & Shipping teams work in close collaboration with Total’s Upstream and Downstream Business Segments to provide one-stop shop for oil and gas markets. This helps simplify and streamline transactions.

We are active in all aspects of oil and gas trading (physical trading, derivatives and shipping) across 120 countries.

In addition, we are equipped to offer tailored solutions to a range of players in the oil and gas markets, from producers, transporters and refineries to brokers and financial and industrial institutions.