Our greatest asset is our employees

Total trading room in Geneva. Salle de trading Total de Genève.

We recruit top young talent to meet the challenges of trading and shipping in the oil and gas industry. We invite new hires to join our team of over 2,000 people who have made our complex and exciting activities a success. We are committed to providing our employees with quality training throughout their careers.

Our vision: Training and loyalty

For our trading and shipping activities, we primarily recruit our new employees from among a pool of recent graduates. Excellence and hard work are our top selection criteria. As soon as new employees join our teams, they are trained to meet the standards of operational excellence and responsibility required by our businesses. Whether in operations or middle office roles, they gain crucial professional experience through the support positions they hold in their early careers. Operations employees, for example, manage the logistics of oil, gas and coal transactions. Middle office teams manage the risks taken by front office traders on a daily basis. Our initial career paths last one to four years on average and are adapted to each new recruit’s background and skills.

Our mission: Support employees throughout their careers

We foster a work environment that enhances employees’ skills. We make every effort possible to support their career development, from creating small teams that offer more responsibility and a direct vision of their impact on the business to ensuring continuous HR follow-up. Our compensation policy reflects the demands of our businesses and accounts for each employee’s individual potential and contribution.


Our operators and traders drive our on-site excellence and enable us to act quickly in our markets. Supporting these employees throughout their careers is one of our top priorities.

Bernard Casteau
Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Total Trading & Shipping

Our priority: Leverage our field experience to become more responsive

Our integrated approach provides our traders with a comprehensive view of the market. We are active across the entire oil and gas value chain, with expertise in trading and shipping our own production while also providing support to external counterparties. Our broad range of activities enables employees to develop in an environment that demands maximum responsiveness and reliability.

A trader’s career path

Graduated from HEC business school, Fabien Lantigner joined Total in 2004 and currently works as a crude oil trader in Houston. He looks back at the milestones in his global experience within the Group.

Our strength: Recognized technology leadership

With over 30 years of trading experience, we develop and deploy innovative tools to assist our employees in their duties. Some of these tools track and analyze markets in real time, enabling employees to act as quickly as possible. Others are designed to improve internal work processes by indexing all data relating to a specific deal, from the front to the back office. All of this enables us to analyze operations with as accurately as possible.