Our automotive and marine lubricants

Automotive and marine lubricants Lubrifiants pour l’automobile et la marine

Thanks to our cutting-edge research, we have developed lubricants for every market, every engine and every need. Today, our expertise is trusted in over 150 countries.

Total lubricants let you stay ahead on land and at sea

We supply retail customers, automotive and shipping industry professionals with oils and greases that offer superior performance to make engines and auxiliary equipment more energy efficient and longer lasting.

Designed for industry professionals, as well as car and motorcycle enthusiasts, our automotive lubricant lines include:

  • Quartz for lightweight vehicles
  • Hi-perf for motorcycle
  • Rubia for trucks

Tanker ship using Total Lubmarine lubricants

We have also developed a streamlined offer of marine lubricants. This line of lubricants, including the famous “Single Oil” TALUSIA UNIVERSAL, meets the most stringent technical and regulatory standards, and was designed for all types of vessels fitted with two stroke engines and for all types of navigation conditions.


Base oils and additives: the recipe for lubricants
Composition of our lubricants
Composition of our lubricants

Base oils are the main components in most lubricants. These oils are then combined with different additives according to formulas developed by Total's R&D teams. Additives are chemical products specifically designed to enhance certain attributes of base oils. 

Our R&D helps improve your engine

Every day, our researchers at our Solaize R&D center in France work to make our lubricants even more efficient and reliable. Their goal is to respond to manufacturers’ growing needs and the increasingly demanding constraints of lubricant use while improving engine energy performance.

Our researchers work closely with manufacturers’ engineering teams. This type of partnership has helped us develop our Fuel Economy line, which enables you to travel long distances on less fuel while also reducing harmful emissions.

In terms of R&D, Formula 1 racing represents a real-world testing ground for our innovation. The same engineers take the lead in developing fuels and lubricants for Formula 1 and for series-produced passenger cars.

Quality, performance and local presence!

We make sure you benefit from the strength of our local network, which includes 45 production plants on five continents, affiliates in 150 countries and new blending plants to produce directly in developing markets. Organized around our principal hubs in the United States, France, Singapore, United Arab Emirates, South Africa and West Africa, our logistics network ensures that we can supply all of our products to all markets. We also improve our service through digital innovation. For example, our International Port Directory (IPD) tool displays the inventory available at each port, in addition to delivery times.

Our expertise covers the entire design, production and distribution chain for our products in over 150 countries worldwide. This expertise serves as a powerful guarantee of quality for our customers.