Aviation fuels: aviation turbine fuel and jet fuel

2 Total operators shake hands on the tarmac. 2 opérateurs Total se serrent la main sur le tarmac.

Whether you are on land or in the air, we offer fuels for both commercial and general aviation. In the commercial aviation market, we serve both passenger and cargo flights. Our work in general aviation covers leisure and business flights, as well as air services such as medical transport and first response.

For every type of aircraft a different kind of fuel

Through our specialized AIR TOTAL affiliate, we provide customers with the following two flagship products for aviation:

  • JET A-1: offered primarily for aircraft with turbine engines generally used by major airlines
  • AVGAS 100 LL designed for light aircraft with piston engines

In 2011, we expanded our product line with AVGAS UL 91, the first unleaded aviation fuel for ultralight aircraft.

As part of our commitment to a responsible energy future, we also offer biojet fuel with our partner Amyris. This innovative solution, approved for use in commercial aircraft since June 2014, helps airlines limit greenhouse gas emissions and take part in reducing the impact of air transportation. 

airlines supplied at 230 airports worldwide
airfields supplied in Europe
fuel deliveries performed per year, or about 2,500 per day

Total, the perfect wingman

In the commercial aviation market, we serve customers across their entire global network, both in highly accessible regions such as Europe, the United States and parts of Asia, and in regions facing supply and logistics challenges such as in Africa, and certain countries in Asia and Latin America.

From negotiating fuel prices to organizing deliveries, we leverage our expertise to ensure continuous fuel supply, everywhere around the world.

In the general aviation market, we work to meet all of our customers’ needs. This is why our airfields feature a network of automated fuel pumps equipped with a card system, enabling customers to fill up « in complete safety 24/7.
In addition, we continue to innovate to upgrade our products, as demonstrated by the 2011 launch of UL91, the first unleaded aviation fuel.