Our automotive fuels

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When you fill up at Total, you get more than just fuel. You can get products that leverage the power of our advanced technology to deliver results. Our premium automotive fuels, for example, offer superior performance to reduce CO2 emissions and keep your engine cleaner, longer.

We guarantee quality performance

Not all Total automotive fuels are alike. We offer several different lines to meet our customers’ specific needs. For each of these lines, Total is committed to offering the same high level of quality.

To give an example, we designed and developed our TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation product line for our customers who need high-tech fuels at an affordable price. The result of two years of research and development, this fuel was developed to keep your engine clean kilometer after kilometer. Our new formula includes additives, or chemical components, that clean essential parts of your engine. The result is reduced engine buildup: TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation produces up to 99% less buildup in gasoline engines and up to 93% less in diesel engines. This technological advance benefits both customers and the environment, as a clean engine uses less fuel, lasts longer and produces fewer CO2 emissions.

Not All Fuels Are Identical

Total fuels: leveraging R&D

Every day, researchers at the Solaize Research Center in France work in collaboration with Total Additives and Special Fuels to continuously improve fuel performance. They design and test dozens of new formulas, each of which is adapted to a different type of use. Working with the same passion on products for Formula 1 race cars as for the family station wagon, our researchers focus on enhancing energy efficiency by generating more power with less fuel, while keeping engines clean and reducing CO2 emissions.

TOTAL EXCELLIUM: Excellence built into its DNA

Twenty researchers at the Solaize Research Center worked for more than two years to develop our line of TOTAL EXCELLIUM New Generation fuels. In the process, they conducted more than 2,300 lab tests and tested 40 vehicles on the engine bench (more than 6,000 hours) and on the road (more than 8,500 hours).

TOTAL EXCELLIUM: A New Generation of High-Tech Fuels