Our industrial bitumen

adhésivité_membrane adhésivité_membrane

While primarily used for surface roads, our bitumen can also be used in a wide range of applications such as building, cars construction and public works. We leverage our expertise as the European market leader to serve all of our customers more effectively.

Bitumen: an industrial asset

Used by customers in many different business sectors, our industrial bitumen have a number of qualities including waterproofing, elasticity and durability, which make it particularly well-suited for:

  • Developing waterproofing membranes and other insulation or soundproofing materials.
  • Building dams and reservoirs.
  • Containing nuclear waste.
  • Resurfacing industrial floors.
  • Bonding cellular glass.

We offer two product ranges:

  • Altek: specially formulated for polymer-modified screeds and other insulation materials.
  • Stelox: specifically developed for conventional screeds and shingles, as well as shock-absorbing and soundproofing materials.

ALTEK ECO² B: A cost-effective, high-performance solution for waterproofing rooftop terraces

Waterproofing specialists are always looking for new insulation solutions that offer increased performance and lower costs. We designed ALTEK ECO² B to answer their needs. This hot asphalt mix is used to install thermal insulation, waterproof membranes and cellular glass. It is applied at a temperature of 160°C with visibly reduced emissions. This unique quality provides a more comfortable installation process, faster preparation and quick cooling. By providing substantial energy savings, ALTEK ECO² B is the most cost-effective hot asphalt mix on the market.

ALTEK ECO² B, an innovation for practical and cost-effective bitumen