SATORP: An exceptional partnership

Location: Jubail (Saudi Arabia)

Partners: Saudi Aramco and Total


the production capacity of the SATORP site in number of barrels of crude oil per day
Two operators at a distillation unit at the Jubail refinery in Saudi Arabia Deux opérateurs dans une unité de distillation de la raffinerie de Jubail en Arabie Saoudite

Benefitting from the combined expertise of Saudi Aramco and Total, SATORP is one of the world’s most efficient refining and petrochemicals platforms. Its role is to produce high-value-added products from a grade of crude that is particularly difficult to process.

Not only is SATORP one of the world’s largest refining and petrochemicals platforms, it is also one of the most complex. The site is capable of converting a type of heavy, high-sulfur crude oil that is especially difficult to process into high value-added products. To accomplish this, our refinery relies on a full range of processing units, including:
  • Two distillate hydrocrackers to convert heavy petroleum fractions into lighter, ultra-low-sulfur products.
  • A fluid catalytic cracking unit that produces a wide variety of products, including very light hydrocarbons such as propylene and liquefied petroleum gas (LPG).
  • A coking unit (“coking” is a thermal process used to convert heavy fractions into light petroleum products and coke).
SATORP processes up to 400,000 barrels of crude oil a day, for an annual output of 10 million metrictons of diesel and four million metric tons of gasoline. Each year, SATORP also produces 700,000 metric tons of paraxylene, 150,000 metric tons of benzene and 200,000 metric tons of high-purity propylene. 
SATORP: The steel giant in pictures
  • 47070.jpg
    Vue depuis le haut du cocker de la raffinerie de Jubail
    View from the top of the of the Jubail refinery coking unit in Saudi Arabia.
  • 47037.jpg
    Un collaborateur sur un pipe way à la raffinerie de Jubail
    An employee on a pipe way at the Jubail refinery, Saudi Arabia.
  • 47148.jpg
    Quatre opérateurs supervisent le démarrage système de la raffinerie de Jubail
    Four operators oversee the commissioning of the Jubail refinery, Saudi Arabia.
  • 47194.jpg
    Le Directeur général et le Directeur de production de SATORP, raffinerie de Jubail
    The SATORP CEO and Production Manager at the Jubail refinery, Saudi Arabia.
  • 56913.jpg
    Vue de la raffinerie de Jubail depuis le désert
    View of the Jubail refinery from the desert, Saudi Arabia.
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Our commitment to staff training and local development

The SATORP platform employs a staff of 1,066, with Saudi nationals accounting around 65% of the workforce. Among them, 28 young Saudi engineers were given the opportunity to complete their studies in France through a partnership with the Institut Français du Pétrole Énergies Nouvelles (IFPEN). In addition, nearly 400 Saudi operators received on-site training in a dedicated training center created by SATORP.