Port Arthur: A modern, efficient and sustainable platform

Location: Port Arthur, Texas
Refinery operator: Total (100%)

the Port Arthur site’s daily refining capacity in barrels per day
A coordinator supervising work on the platform, Port Arthur, Texas, United States Coordinateur supervisant des travaux, Port Arthur, Texas, États-Unis

Located in Texas near the Gulf of Mexico, Port Arthur is one of our largest platforms. We recently upgraded its equipment, adding dedicated units for processing heavy crudes and producing low-sulfur fuels. Port Arthur also makes the most of the shale gas revolution by using light oils as feedstock for its refinery and natural gas for its steam cracker.

Taking full advantage of superior raw materials

Our Port Arthur site has a refining capacity of 185,000 barrels per day.

Thanks to the upgrade program that was carried out in 2011 and the refinery’s hook-up to the U.S. domestic pipeline network, Port Arthur now has the flexibility it needs to adapt to market changes. The facility can refine heavy, hard-to-process crude oils (notably from Canada and Latin America), as well as much lighter domestic crudes, which are widely available and inexpensive. The aim of the configuration is to produce only light, high-value-added products.

On the petrochemicals side, we operate a 1 million metricton/year steam cracker in a joint-venture with BASF. In 2013, we adapted the steam cracker to meet 80% of its feedstock needs with ethane, butane and propane from shale gas as opposed to more costly naphtha.

We have also begun front-end engineering and design (FEED) work as part of the pre-project planning for a new 1 million metric ton/year ethane cracker.

This strategic integrated platform will enable us to take advantage of shale oil and gas while maintaining a high degree of flexibility.

Refining & Chemicals: Total Is Adapting to the Shale Revolution