Antwerp: Industrial efficiency to produce better energy

Location: Antwerp (Belgium)
Operator: Total (100%)

billion Euros : The amount invested in modernizing the Antwerp platform
Two operators on top of the ethylene storage reservoir at Total Olefins Antwerp, Belgium Deux opérateurs en haut du réservoir d'éthylène, Total Olefins Antwerp, Belgique

Consumers’ energy needs are constantly changing. To ensure we continue to meet these needs, we have rolled out an ambitious modernization plan at Antwerp, our largest refining and petrochemicals platform in Europe. Our goal is to make the site more competitive and efficient, while reducing its environmental impact.

The European market is changing rapidly. Demand for heavy oil is declining, the popularity of  diesel as a choice of fuel is rising, and regulations are imposing increasingly lower sulfur levels. In this new environment, adapting our industrial facilities is a necessity. Starting in 2016, the Antwerp refining and petrochemicals platform will be equipped with new units to meet these evolving needs.
We also plan to improve our industrial and environmental performance by making it easier for the platform’s three sites to share resources. Our aim is to reduce the environmental impact of the Antwerp platform while at the same time making it one of our most competitive facilities.

Energy efficiency a top priority

Off-gas produced from oil refining is currently used as fuel in refinery furnaces, but it will soon be recovered and used as feedstock in petrochemicals units. These gases will partially replace naphtha, an increasingly expensive petroleum-based product.   

Antwerp at a glance
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    Un opérateur assistant, en haut du réservoir d'éthylène, Total Olefins Antwerp, Belgique
    An assistant operator on top of the ethylene storage tank at Total Olefins Antwerp, Belgium.
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    Un technicien pendant une opération de déchargement sur le port. Raffinerie d'Anvers, Belgique
    A technician during unloading at the port. Antwerp refinery, Belgium.
  • 47552.jpg
    Vue du haut de la raffinerie d'Anvers, Belgique
    View from the top of the Antwerp refinery, Belgium.
  • 47521.jpg
    Vue du haut de Total Polymers Antwerp, Belgique
    View from the top of Total Polymers Antwerp, Belgium.
  • 47505.jpg
    Vue du haut de Total Olefins Antwerp, Belgique
    View from the top of Total Olefins Antwerp, Belgium.
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