Martin Linge: Innovating to Protect the Environment

Project type: offshore
Operator: Total (51%)
Partners: Petoro, Statoil 

barrels//day: the projected production capacity of the Martin Linge field

We have been leading oil and gas production in the Martin Linge field, located off the coast of Norway in the North Sea, since 2012. The use of innovative techniques to reduce our environmental impact sets this project apart.

Innovating to enhance security and protect the environment

In the Martin Linge field, we are inventing a new way to design safer and more environmentally friendly platforms. Our fully electric facilities are powered via a 160-km subsea cable connected to the Norwegian coast, making it the longest AC power link in the world. By eliminating the need to use offshore generators, the cable helps reduce our CO2 emissions by two million metric tons.

A fiber optic cable relays all of the platform’s data, which allows us to manage the facility remotely and in real time. Martin Linge is also equipped with two control rooms, one offshore and one onshore. This keeps our employees safer, since a smaller team can perform all the necessary offshore operations. Only 19 team members are needed to carry out maintenance and upkeep on the facilities at any given time.

Martin Linge, a Norwegian hero

Although it may come as a surprise, Martin Linge was not a navigator known for sailing the frozen North Sea. He was, in fact, a Norwegian actor who joined the Resistance during World War II. Born in 1894, he first started acting on stage in Oslo in the 1920s before moving on to the silver screen. His life was upended when Hitler attacked Norway in 1940. Wounded during an air raid, he was evacuated to England where he organized the Norwegian Independent Company to combat the occupying Nazi armies. He was killed in December 1941 during a British Army-supported raid against German soldiers on the North Sea coast in Måløy. The Martin Linge gas field was named after him in homage to his heroism.