Laggan-Tormore: An Innovative Underwater Facility in the North Sea

Project type: Deep offshore
Operator: Total E&P UK (60%)
Partners: DONG E&P UK Limited (20%), SSE E&P UK Limited (20%)
Start date: February 8, 2016

kilometers of subsea infrastructure – one of the longest tie-backs in the world
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The Laggan-Tormore gas project, which began in February 2016, is located to the west of the Shetland Islands some 600 meters underwater in the North Sea. Given the extremely harsh weather conditions, Total used subsea-to-shore technology for the first time.

With Laggan-Tormore, Total has overcome several major challenges related to deep-water drilling and underwater engineering, while satisfying the expectations of the local community.

The Laggan-Tormore wells are located some 600 meters below the surface in a hostile environment, exposed to icy waters, strong currents and North Sea conditions. The wells are tied back to the Shetland Island gas processing plant via an underwater structure.

The gas processing plant was built in close consultation with the local population and designed to preserve the island's natural and cultural heritage. For example, the peat covering the site was removed and stored to allow the area to be rehabilitated when the plant is taken down.

The plant has a daily production capacity of 500 million cubic feet. Following processing at the plant, the gas is sent to the British mainland via the Shetland Island Regional Gas Export System (SIRGE) pipeline, while the condensates are exported via the Sullom Voe Terminal.

The fields will produce 90,000 barrels of oil equivalent a day (BOE/D), boosting the United Kingdom's production capacity.

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Portrati Arnaud Breuillac

This concept benefits from both improved safety performance and lower costs.

Arnaud Breuillac
President, Exploration & Production, Total
Key figures of the Laggan and Tormore fields
infog Laggan Tormore VA
infog Laggan Tormore VA

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