Our ambition: To become a global leader in solar power

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At Total, we believe that abundant, clean and renewable solar power is an important solution to rising energy demand and the challenges presented by the energy transition. This is why we are working to make solar power more efficient and competitive.

Developing solar power today to prepare for tomorrow

In the decades ahead, renewable energies will play an increasingly important role as a supplement to fossil fuels. We estimate that renewables and hydropower will represent 20% of the global energy mix by 2035, compared to 13% in 2010. But we must prepare for this future today.

Solar power is approaching a tipping point and will require substantial human, financial and technological investment to reach the next level. We decided to actively pursue this strategic avenue through our SunPower affiliate, a global leader in solar power, and through investments in R&D to find ways to improve output, reduce costs and store electricity after its generation.

The Energy Mix in 2035
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A global energy company at the cutting edge of the solar industry

As an integrated energy company, we believe that working to develop new energies is both a strategic decision and an industrial responsibility for our Group. As a majority shareholder in SunPower, we are active across the entire photovoltaic value chain, from manufacturing cells to designing large-scale turnkey solar power plants to installing residential or commercial solar panel.

SunPower is one of the leading companies in the solar industry. It developed high-efficiency photovoltaic technologies for nearly 30 years. Our affiliate currently manufactures the most efficient photovoltaic panels on the market and is currently building Solar Star,
the world’s largest photovoltaic solar power plant, in Rosamond, California.
Our international presence in over 130 countries combined with our technological leadership enables us to pursue our objective of becoming a world leader in solar power.


SunPower Facts & Figures
SunPower leading our commitment to solar
SunPower leading our commitment to solar