Our strength: Efficient project management worldwide

Oil and gas project management La réalisation de projets pétroliers et gaziers

At Total, our mission is to meet the challenges facing the energy industry. Our operational excellence, ability to meet deadlines and budgets, and capacity for innovation guide our worldwide operations.

Ensuring success through operational excellence

In 2019, we plan to bring 20 major projects on stream while meeting both deadlines and budgets. Our excellent project management skills and standard project optimization process will help us achieve this goal. That said, the safety of our people and facilities will always come first, along with compliance with our environmental and social commitments.

In 2015, we launched a program designed to improve our performance by enhancing our operational efficiency. Our goal is to increase our facilities’ reliability by at least 3% and reduce unscheduled shutdowns.

We have developed our operational excellence over many years, gaining the expertise to manage large-scale projects that involve several thousand people around the world.

Excellence also entails carefully selecting which projects to develop. This means enhanced risk analysis prior to investment, as well as compliance with all of our criteria in terms of size, percent interest and return.

Putting our technological expertise to work on CLOV in Angola

CLOV is the fourth development project on Angola’s deep offshore Block 17. It came on stream in June 2014 and is currently producing 160,000 barrels per day. CLOV began production on time and maintains a good safety record despite the challenges of working at depths of up to 1,400 meters.

The need to reduce costs

$4 billion
Savings achieved before launching the Kaombo project in Angola after one year of work.

The combination of declining crude prices and sharply rising operating costs has significantly affected profitability in the oil and gas industry. Our Exploration & Production operations are no exception, even though our technical costs are among the lowest in our peer group.

To reduce costs and enhance our returns, we have developed an action plan that outlines the following goals for 2015:

  • Reduce our exploration budget to $1.9 billion.
  • Limit our capital expenditure (CAPEX) to around $20 billion (compared to $23 billion in 2014).
  • Double our operating expense (OPEX) reduction target to more than $0.8 billion.

Innovation: pushing the limits

Innovation is our most significant response to the increased complexity of oil and gas exploration and development. Our goal is to find the best technical solutions, while limiting or even reducing costs and making our operations safer every day.

Exploration & Production's R&D efforts focus on eight strategic programs to identify and develop breakthrough technologies that guarantee cost-effective access to oil and gas resources, while ensuring compliance with environmental requirements and taking civil society’s expectations into account.

Pangea: A supercomputer for Exploration & Production

Since 2013, Total has had one of the world's most powerful supercomputers. Originally designed to perform 2.3 quadrillion operations per second, Pangea is now capable of performing 6.7 quadrillion per second. This propels it to the global No. 1 spot for computing power in industry and places it among the top 10 most powerful computers, public or private, worldwide in the TOP500 rankings. 

Located at the CSTJF engineering and research center in Pau, France, the supercomputer is used to:

  • Process seismic data and transform it into subsurface images that can be interpreted.
  • Model water, oil and gas flows in reservoirs, to optimize oil and gas production

The goal is to improve the accuracy of subsurface imaging and thus increase the chances of drilling successful wells. This is vital, since licenses are awarded for limited periods of time and drilling a well is a very expensive proposition.