Close-Up on the Daesan Integrated Refining and Petrochemicals Platform

Close-Up on the Daesan Integrated Refining and Petrochemicals Platform
Learn about the Daesan platform in South Korea. Thanks to seamless collaboration with our partner Hanwha, this joint venture is ideally positioned to meet demand in Asia.



One of Total’s six integrated refining & petrochemical complexes

We are one of the six major petrochemical complexes in Total’s Refining & Chemicals business.

HTC combines a condensate splitter, a naphtha cracker and a polymer plant.

We produce a diversity of products, from polymers to base chemicals and energy products.

This joint venture has a very strong Asian and Korean culture, with very strong respect for each other. All relationships in the company are based on respecting others. You can really feel that.

Hanwha and Total have a lot of experience in [the] petrochemical industry. There are excellent synergies in running the company. In addition, all shareholders fully support reinvesting the profits generated by Hanwha Total to develop the company.

The most effective HSE management in the world

HTC has the world’s highest-level HSE management system and has also achieved the highest level of productivity through continuous innovation.

The partnership between Hanwha and Total is very good because we both share common values. We both put safety as top value and we are also highly focused on operational excellence.

Tremendous R&D capabilities

The performance of this site has increased year after year, based on innovation, and we have strong R&D capabilities. It is also based on continuous improvement of the site’s energy efficiency and productivity.

A model energy efficiency system

Daesan has a very high energy efficiency performance, one of the highest worldwide. HTC is even a reference.

Best-in-class reliability

In this industry, it’s key to have highly available assets and HTC has demonstrated over the last years that they have safe operations and highly reliable operations too. 

In 2017, both shareholders sanctioned major project for Daesan platform of 750 million dollars. It consists in expanding the cracker capacity by 30% and also increasing the polyethylene capacity by 50%.

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