Operators carry out an inspection at a pumping station in Ogbogu, Nigeria.


Actively Helping to Foster Shared Development

At Total, we believe that growth can only be sustainable if it is shared. Our development model is based on building dialogue and making an active contribution so that we can meet the expectations of our stakeholders, be they local communities, nonprofits, public bodies, employees or suppliers. In this way, we contribute to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Feluy Research Center

Being a Responsible Employer

Our employees are the energy that drives our Group forward. We strive to create the conditions for them to express and develop their full potential.

Harnessing our community initiatives to create value

In all of our host countries, the support of our stakeholders is a key success factor. That is why we have designed a dedicated community engagement strategy to build constructive, lasting relationships with them.
Ethique relations fournisseurs

Trust-based relationships with our suppliers

We work with an expansive network of suppliers in more than 130 countries. It is essential for our Group to build trusting relationships with these partners, based on shared values and commitments.
Operators at the Paenal Yard, a CLOV worksite in Porto Amboim, Angola

Supporting local economic development

To contribute to the development of our host countries, we ensure that our operations create value and opportunities by supporting employment, training and the development of the local industrial fabric.

Total Foundation: our citizenship initiatives for young people

We support the development of our host regions through community outreach in the areas of road safety, forests and climate, youth inclusion and education, and cultural dialogue and heritage.
Demo and sale of Sundaya pack at the Charles de Gaulle gas station of Ouagadougou

Extending energy access to as many people as possible

Making energy accessible to as many people as possible is an integral part of our responsibility as an energy company. We design innovative solutions based on sustainable business models to provide affordable, reliable and lasting energy to communities that previously had to go without.
Solar panels on the Fakarava atoll in French Polynesia

Stepping up to our commitments

Take a look at our commitments and improvement indicators in areas as varied as safety and health, climate, the environment and shared development.