The Jubail refinery in Saudi Arabia (Satorp).


Protecting our local environment

The environment is an integral part of our development model. Its protection is both a prerequisite for the success of our businesses and a source of competitiveness. For this reason, we work to instill a culture that calls for the utmost diligence and professionalism to achieve the highest possible environmental standards. Underpinning our approach is the goal of continuously improving the environmental performance of our installations and our products.

Carling-Saint-Avold platform in eastern France.

Our Environmental Engineering Strategy

Improving our environmental performance is a constant concern. To ensure that we succeed, we implement a dedicated environmental engineering strategy based on research, prevention and stakeholder…
Coker unit (right) at the Port Arthur, Texas refinery in the United States

Air: Protecting Residents' Health and Local Ecosystems

We are committed to preserving air quality everywhere we operate. To meet the challenge of protecting residents' health and maintaining balanced local ecosystems, we have set the target of…
Panoramic view of the Grandpuits refinery

Water: Preserving a Vital Resource

Water is a vital resource for both life and our operations. For this reason, we have committed to reducing our water consumption and preserving water quality throughout our production chain.
Giraffe at the Murchison national parc, in Ouganda

Biodiversity: Providing an Adapted Response for Each Natural Environment

We take care to protect biodiversity everywhere we operate. Using a range of strategies adapted to every situation, we ensure ecosystems stay healthy over the long term and continue to offer the…
Molok waste recycling containers at the Adour service station

Waste: Developing the Circular Economy

Our priority is to recycle all unavoidable waste while reducing the amount of waste we produce. This helps minimize our environmental footprint and save resources for future generations.
Marine firefighters demonstrate oil spill response equipment

Anti-Pollution Measures: Preparedness and Response

We have invested in prevention strategies to respond to pollution. By anticipating pollution risks, we can more effectively prepare for them and respond immediately in the event of an emergency.
infog - nos objectifs et résultats - climat 2018

Stepping up to our commitments

Take a look at our commitments and improvement indicators in such varied areas as safety and health, climate, the environment and shared development.