Feature Report: Total in Myanmar

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Since expanding into Myanmar in 1992, Total has become the country's biggest international energy exploration and production company, mainly thanks to its operation of the Yadana gas field. Total is also a key player in local development. From the start of operations, it introduced an extensive social policy for its employees as well as a far-reaching CSR program targeting education, public health, local job creation, micro-finance and access to energy.


Total in Myanmar: Key Figures

Details of Total's main activities in Myanmar and how they are performing, as well as the major milestones of its presence in the country.

L’installation offshore en mer d'Andaman


Overview of Total's Activities in Myanmar Key Dates of Total's Presence in Myanmar

A CSR Program to Support Growth in Myanmar

Total's CSR program, specially tailored to Myanmar's needs, provides an ambitious roadmap for carrying out its activities in the country while maximizing the benefits for the population.

L'orphelinat Yadana Foster Home


Total's CSR Program in Myanmar Results of Total's CSR Program in Myanmar Bernard Kouchner's Report The CDA Reports

Total's Exploration and Production in Myanmar

An overview of Total's gas exploration and production activities in Myanmar, with a review of production sites and their outlook.

Total's Facilities in Myanmar


Gas Production in Myanmar: Total's Current Position Myanmar and Thailand: Forging Stronger Ties Total's Facilities in Myanmar