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lagan T actu
CLOV off the coast of Angola
Microalgae seen through a microscope
The Moho Nord FPU and platform (TLP) off the Congolese coast.
View from the LPG storage area at the La Mède refinery near Marseille, France
Icebreaker tanker, Yamal LNG
Employee at the Amyris research laboratory, Emeryville, California, United States
LNG production: the Ichthys offshore field, Australia
Operator at a sugar cane processing plant that offers products made from biomass
Total Nuevas Energias solar power plants - Sunpower
visuel PLA
SunPower Corp. high-efficiency solar panels, California Valley Solar Ranch (CVSR)
Microalgae cultures
Introducing yeasts into culture trays under a biosafety cabinet, Toulouse White Biotechnology (TWB)