Prieska photovoltaic solar power plant: Clean and reliable energy in South Africa

Partners: Mulilo Renewable Energy, Calulo Renewable Energy, IDC, Futuregrowth Asset Management (Pty) Ltd, Total
Design and construction: SunPower, Total’s solar affiliate
Installed capacity: 75 MW AC (or 86 MW DC)

MW AC: The solar power plant’s installed capacity
Prieska solar power plant, South Africa Centrale solaire de Prieska, Afrique du Sud

Total was selected to build and operate a new ground-mounted photovoltaic solar power plant in Prieska. It will supply clean and reliable energy to South Africa, a country in which it has been active for the past 50 years.

Along with our SunPower affiliate, we were selected by the South African government to build a ground-mounted photovoltaic solar power plant with a capacity of 75 MW AC in Prieska. Scheduled to be operational by late 2016, the plant will supply electricity to approximately 75,000 South African homes.

Building on our long-term involvement in South Africa, we are proud to contribute to diversifying the country’s energy mix and developing its solar power capacity.

The project is secured under a co-development contract signed with South Africa-based Mulilo Renewable Energy. We hold a 27% stake in the project alongside the following five partners: Calulo Renewable Energy (25%), Mulilo Renewable Energy (18%), Industrial Development Corporation (IDC) (15%), Futuregrowth Asset Management (Pty) Ltd (10%) and a local municipality (5%).

Our SunPower affiliate is providing engineering, procurement and construction services. It will operate and maintain the solar power plant located in Prieska, Northern Cape province.


As a world leader in the solar industry, we’re proud to help South Africa diversify its energy mix by increasing the country’s solar capacity, in complement to other energy sources. We believe there is a huge potential in the country’s solar market.

Philippe Sauquet
President of Gas, Renewables & Power at Total

SunPower Oasis Power Blocks™

The plant will feature high-efficiency solar panels mounted on the ground, thereby eliminating the technical and aesthetic constraints typically encountered with rooftop-installations. The single-axis trackers rotate horizontally and follow the position of the sun to ensure optimal exposure.