West Franklin

Total is ideally positioned to extend the life of the Elgin/Franklin development hub by capitalizing on its know-how in deeply-buried, high-pressure/high-temperature gas (HPHT) reservoirs.



Total is operator on the West Franklin condensate gas field lying 240 km east of Aberdeen, 6,000 m beneath the seafloor. Production from Phase 2 started in January 2015 with an additional 40,000 barrels of oil equivalent (40 kboe/d).

The project showcases Total’s expertise in the development of deeply buried HPHT gas deposits.

  • Total’s interest: 46.20%
  • Partners: Eni (21.9%), British Gas (14.1%), E.ON E&P (5.2%), Exxon (4.3%), Chevron (3.9%), Dyas (2.2%) and Summit Petroleum Limited (2.2%)

Phase 2 development of this condensate gas field got under way in 2010. It includes the drilling of three wells in rapidly-depleting reservoirs in a very high-pressure and high-temperature environment. Meeting these challenges mobilizes Total’s most advanced know-how. A new platform will be installed and tied back to the existing infrastructure of the Elgin/Franklin hub.

Total views safety as an absolute imperative and the top priority of this bold project, with no exceptions. West Franklin Phase 2 will contribute to the sustainable development of energy resources.