The incahuasi project (bolivia)

On the Incahuasi gas project in Bolivia, complex technologies are required to successfully develop the high pressure/high temperature reservoirs buried beneath the Andes. Total possesses the necessary expertise.


Total operates the Incahuasi gas project in Bolivia with a 60% interest, alongside Argentina’s Tecpetrol and Russia’s Gazprom, which each have a 20% stake.

The final investment decision for Phase 1 development of the Incahuasi gas and condensate field was made on the basis of the positive findings of the ICS-2 exploration well.

The field’s most distinctive feature is its location, buried 6,000 meters underground in the Andean foothills. The project will comprise three wells, a gas treatment plant and pipelines tied into existing gas export pipelines. The field is scheduled to come on stream in 2016; some of the production will be exported.

The bold and innovative approach that Total has demonstrated in its conquest of deeply buried reservoirs now makes feasible the monetization of condensate from the huge Incahuasi gas field buried in the Andean foothills. This project sets Bolivia on the road to a new future in gas.

In Bolivia, Total has established an exemplary partnership with the Guarani communities in the Santa Cruz province, where the Group has put in place several initiatives to promote socio-economic development and environmental preservation.