Elgin - franklin franklin redevelopment (united kingdom)

Total is operator on the Elgin and Franklin condensate gas fields. The planned redevelopment project should restore the production capacity to 110,000 boe/d.


  • Total’s interest: 46.17 %
  • Partners: Eni (21.87%), British Gas (14.11%), E.ON Ruhrgas (5.2%), Exxon Mobil (4.37%), Chevron (3.9%), Dyas UK (2.19%), Oranje-Nassau (2.19%)

In the British sector of the North Sea, Elgin/Franklin continues to be one of the UK’s strategic development hubs with reserves still in the ground in excess of 500 million barrels of oil equivalent (350 million on Elgin/Franklin and 150 on West Franklin). 

On stream since 2001, the Elgin/Franklin offshore HP/HT gas fields lie in the central North Sea area 240 kilometers from Aberdeen, in water 93 meters deep.

The redevelopment project currently under study for both fields, which were restarted on March 9, 2013, aims to restore output to the level that prevailed prior to the Elgin gas leak. 

Redevelopment will entail drilling new infill wells in extreme temperature and pressure conditions, a technology challenge that is calling on Total’s most advanced know-how. The new wells, coupled with additional development of the West Franklin field, will boost production to 110,000 boe/day by 2016.

The lessons learned from the Elgin incident will be applied to restore the Elgin/Franklin area to its full production capacity under the best safety conditions.