The ea-1 and ea-1a projects in uganda

Total Exploration & Production entered Uganda in 2012, in a region whose oil potential had long been overlooked. But major discoveries since 2005 have revealed that it is home to an oil basin. With our partners, we are exploring and appraising a number of licenses east of Lake Albert in northwestern Uganda.

In February 2012, Total announced the acquisition of a one-third interest in four Ugandan licenses held by an affiliate of Tullow Oil plc. We operate the EA-1 and EA-1A licenses.






With our partners, we estimate that Uganda’s oil and gas resources exceed 1 billion barrels of oil equivalent. We expect that plateau production from our four licenses will average 200,000 to 230,000 barrels per day.

A project to develop these resources is under study. It would include a pipeline to export the oil to the Indian Ocean. The crude would have to be heated to be transported.

Some of the resources in the Total-operated licenses are located in Murchison Falls National Park. The project will include measures to mitigate its environmental impact and protect biodiversity.

The government will deploy a refinery project in two phases — 30,000 barrels per day initially, followed by an additional 30,000 barrels per day — to meet domestic demand.

Total has been active in retailing in Uganda since 1955 and has a market share of around 24%.