The angola lng project (angola)

The start-up in June 2013 of the Angola LNG liquefaction complex maximizes the value of associated gas from Angola’s offshore oil fields. The project also plays a role in ensuring sustainable development in the region.



Total holds a 13.6% interest in the Angola LNG project. The other members of the consortium are Chevron (36.4%), Sonangol (22.8%), BP (13.6%) and ENI (13.6%).

The liquefaction plant has a capacity of 5.2 million metric tons per year (Mt/y). It is built near Soyo to monetize associated gas produced on several of the country’s offshore oil fields, including those operated by Total. Liquefaction (rather than flaring off the associated gas) will significantly reduce CO2 emissions. Moreover, various social and economic support programs being deployed contribute to development in neighboring communities.

Liquefied Natural Gas