The new production and long-distance subsea-to-shore transport system in use in the Laggan and Tormore fields provides access to considerable isolated gas reserves in the West of Shetland area.



United Kingdom. Total is overseeing operations to extract gas from the deep offshore Laggan and Tormore fields, a sector that is strategically important for the Group’s growth. Developing the Laggan and Tormore condensate gas fields 125km north-west of the Shetland Islands will enhance the value of other discoveries in the region. Our being able to extract the gas from these deep waters relies on our using a subsea-to-shore system for opening up access to these isolated resources. The infrastructure is in the process of being built and will involve a subsea production system integrating two well connection modules, the laying of two 143 km-long subsea multiphase pipes, an onshore processing plant and the installation of a subsea pipeline for evacuating the gas over a distance of 234km to the FUKA transport system. Total has already launched a number of initiatives to preserve the region's biodiversity. One of these involves setting up exclusion zones around the nests of protected species during the breeding season.

Key figures
  • Capacity : 90 000 boe/d
  • Total : 80 % (operator)
  • Dong Energy : 20 %


Preserving the local heritage 

Preserving the project's environment does not just involve taking care not to damage flora and fauna at the site. It also involves protecting its archaeological heritage.

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