Antwerp: Industrial Efficiency to Make Energy Better


Our business is producing energy that meets consumers' real needs, efficiently and responsibly. It had become clear that Antwerp, our biggest refining and petrochemical complex in Europe, was no longer fully up to the task.

So in May 2013 we took a giant step, embarking on an ambitious upgrade plan to boost competitiveness, save jobs, improve industrial performance and shrink our environmental footprint. We are investing €1 billion to make energy better.

Adapting Our Production Facilities to a Changing Market  

The European market is changing: it wants less heavy fuel oil and more diesel. And regulations keep pushing sulfur content lower and lower. But you can't just punch a few buttons and make those adjustments in a refinery. After extensive work, new units will enable the Antwerp refinery to meet these needs starting in 2016.

1,700 jobs at the Antwerp complex.

Improving Industrial and Environmental Performance

We’ll do this by stepping up streams among the complex’s three sites. For example, going forward, the off-gas produced from oil refining, now used strictly as fuel in refinery furnaces, will be recovered and utilized as feedstock in petrochemical units. A plus that will also shrink the complex’s environmental footprint.

When the makeover of the Antwerp complex is complete in 2017, it will be one of our most competitive facilities in Europe. It will also use valuable natural resources more responsibly.