Profound changes in the energy industry affect our human resources needs. We meet major challenges by planning ahead and presenting a strategic vision to our employees through Université Total, our corporate university. We also engage in educational and training programs in host countries.

Supporting Our Employees

Through our human resources policies, we listen to and dialogue with all our employees. This process includes:

  • A worldwide onboarding seminar;
  • An annual performance review;
  • A second interview with a member of the HR team every three years on average. Detailed information on these topics is available on Total’s Careers website.

Université Total, Our Corporate University

Université Total was set up in 2005 to help sharpen our competitive edge. Distinguished international experts from all backgrounds share their knowledge and experience with recently hired young managers, managers and senior executives.
Three types of program are offered worldwide:

  • On-boarding seminars;
  • Leadership development programs;
  • Conferences that offer a platform for dialogue and engagement with outside perspectives on topics of key importance for us.

Every year, 3,000 employees take part in training and seminars offered by Université Total.

Contributing to Development in Our Host Countries

We strive to ensure the growth and sustainability of our activities while working to promote rapid economic development in the countries where we operate.

Managing new Total projects, creating jobs and training young talent are priorities for us and for the local communities that host our activities. They are crucial to a credible presence and our social license to operate.

Hiring local professionals and developing their skills is one of the chief means of guaranteeing the long-term benefits of our activities wherever we operate.

Investing in education and training is another key way of supporting local development in host countries.

 Education is a long-term commitment. We make our educational objectives clear, whether we are setting up an academy at Total Abu Al Bukhoosh to train offshore operators in the United Arab Emirates, signing cooperation agreements with major African universities or endowing chairs to encourage research and innovative teaching programs. We work closely with local government, without ever seeking to take over its role. This is how we view the task of Human Resources and how can make a lasting, effective contribution to host country development.

Isabelle Gaildraud, Senior Vice President, Human Resources & Internal Communication in Total’s Exploration & Production business

Anticipating Needed Skills in Fast-Growing Regions

Demand for oil, gas and chemicals is soaring in fast-growing regions.

China is central to our strategy and we must recruit management teams there. In sub-Saharan Africa, another major growth area for us, the need for skills is going to remain very high — in Angola and Nigeria today, in East Africa tomorrow.

We are strengthening our presence in major consumption areas — the Middle East, Asia and Africa — where we will have to boost our local recruitment.

  • Ethics and Values


    Respect, responsibility, business integrity and exemplary behavior are the ethical principles that underpin our HR vision.

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  • Total Corporate Foundation


    Total is a responsible corporate citizen, actively deploying initiatives related to public health, community support, culture and the environment, worldwide.

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