The shareholders' e-advisory committee

The Total Shareholders’ e-Advisory Committee was set up in 1993 in order to develop consistent and in-depth communication with individual shareholders.

The format of the Shareholders Advisory Committee was changed after 20 years. Taking advantage of the renewal of its members, the Committee’s membership was increased to 20 in March 2012, compared with 12 previously. From now on, one-fourth of the e-Advisory Committee members will be renewed each year.

To facilitate exchange and promote efficient, regular interaction, the members of the e-Advisory Committee and the team of the Individual Shareholder Relations Department discuss various topics via an online dialogue platform (Group news, improvement in communication materials, feedback on an event organized by the Group, etc.)

photo groupe CCA 2013



Membership of the e-Advisory Committee is renewed partially every year. New members are selected not only on criteria of motivation and representativeness, but also for their ability to participate in an extensive internet-based communication.

The recruitment campaign generally begins at the end of each year.