Meetings & Activities in 2013

To facilitate exchange and promote efficient, regular interaction, the members of the e-Advisory Committee and the team of the Individual Shareholder Relations Department discuss various topics via an online dialogue platform (Group news, improvement in communication materials, feedback on an event organized by the Group, etc.).

The Committee met three times in 2013:

  • in April, during a meeting with Mr. Christophe de Margerie, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Total;
  • in May, following the Shareholders’ Meeting;
  • in September, during a visit to CSTJF in Pau (France).

During these meetings, the e-CCA expresses its opinion on various aspects of the individual shareholder communication policy, including the Shareholders’ Newsletter, the presentation media used for meetings, the webzine and the “Total Investors” mobile app for smartphones and digital tablets.

In 2013, the e-CCA was particularly active in helping to set up the Votaccess voting platform for the Shareholders’ Meeting.